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Welcome to Sunday School Meditations Radio Website

Sunday School Meditations produces a half-hour radio program including a discussion on the current International Sunday School lesson, and music that compliments the lesson theme. Our program is to provide inspiration for teachers and pupils so that they may be challenged and prepared to participate in the Sunday School teaching and discussion. We feel that the Sunday School is a vital part of the program of the church and we are dedicated to the encouragement of greater Bible study and a deeper Christian experience.

The first program was aired on September 6, 1958 by WCOJ in Coatesville, PA. It has grown over the years and is now broadcast over more than 20 radio stations, to listeners in nine states, plus Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Sunday School Meditations Association was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1968. It is directed by a Board of ten men from southeastern Pennsylvania and an association of more than 100 members. Staff includes a Program Director, several Teachers, and a Production Engineer.

Sunday School Meditations is a non-profit organization. This website, as well as the radio broadcasts, are made possible only by your tax-deductible gifts. Our mailing address for your correspondence is:

Sunday School Meditations Association
Post Office Box 1031
Lancaster, PA 17608-1031